Failure Alarm Diagnostics (FA) Option

“Watch dog” circuitry that will initiate an output alarm should a malfunction occur

Failure Alarm Diagnostics
(FA – Model No. Code)
  • Separate Output alarms during unit failure
  • Monitor the Sensor, Wiring, Power and Electronics
  • Shut down systems or prevent system start-up if a problem occurs

In normal operation, the channel two relay contacts are open and three yellow LED’s are illuminated indicating an “Alarm Ready” status. If a failure occurs, the failure alarm relay contacts will close and one or more of the yellow LED’s will be extinguished. The combination of “Off” and “illuminated” LED’s will provide an indication of the probable malfunction.

The failure alarm is a factory installed option. If you need a failure alarm option installed in an existing VERSA-SWITCH the electronics must be returned to the factory for upgrading. This option is not available for the microtuf® line of DELTA M switches.