Strain Relief Cable (SR) Option

Where conduit is not a requirement you may consider using a strain relief to create a water-tight seal

Strain Relief Cable
(SR – Model No. Code)
  • Prevent cable breakage at entry ways
  • Improve ruggedness where handling is an issue
  • Create a water-tight seal without using conduit
  • Grips cord tight preventing cord pull-out

National Electrical Code
Articles 400-10 and 400-14
NEMA standars FB 1-1983
Fed. Spec. W-C-586c
Mil Spec 100 and 1 30

Suitable for use in hazardous locations under
NEC Sec 501 -4{b), 502-4(0)(2) and 503-2(0).
For Class I, Div 2; Class II, Div 1 and 2; and Class Ill, Div 1 and 2.