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3-A sanitary switch

Delta M Corp.Do you have need for certified, sanitary liquid flow or point level monitoring in your processing plant? Delta M Corp’s 3-A sanitary sensor option can solve all of your level and flow needs! Ideal for applications with extremely high, low, or even moderate temperatures, the operating temperature range extends from -100°F to 390°F with special options up to 850°F. In liquid lines, this sensor epitomizes versatility and can monitor the rate of flow from 0.01 – 5.0 fps to trigger at a designated switch point. The sanitary connection can be used with their Versa-switch® or microtuf® product lines, ensuring flow and level are monitored with unrivaled repeatability.

Allow Delta M to provide a switch unique to any specific hygienic application with customized insertion lengths and a wide range of process connection sizes. Cleaning is simple and efficient with this CIP sanitary switch which has maintained certification No. 950 from 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc.

microtuf® II Product Release

Economical Safety Switch
Using compact design and simple installation, Microtuf® II Mass Flow Switches detect mass-flow rate of liquid or gas as well as level in all vessels. This unique technology is ideal for monitoring liquid and gas flow for minimum or no-flow conditions. Developed for custom use, this switch is capable of alarming for either high or low level in liquid storage tanks and switch on level change of 0.3 inch without concern for changing temp, density, di-electric constant or chemical composition. Microtuf® II’s sleek design is free of all moving parts that can stick, coat, or fail and buyers are provided with a worry-free two year warranty. This product is also available with a 3A1 sanitary connection.
microtuf® II - Mass Flow & Level Switch