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Application Background:

It is often desirable to monitor the level of a liquid in a process tank or vessel. In addition to the level of the fluid, a dual channel sensing switch can also be configured to indicate when agitation is taking place in the tank (i.e. stirring action).

Application Solution:

A level switch with dual channels has the capability of setting two discrete liquid level interaction set points. Normally the first channel would be set for a high level condition but with a time delay. The first channel would trip a relay only when the sensing probe was fully covered with the liquid product for an extended time period whether or not agitation was taking place. The second channel is then calibrated to trip a second relay when the agitation (stirring) is taking place as the sensing probe is being covered and uncovered by the liquid product.

Dual Channel Liquid Level plus Agitation Indicator
For full calibration details see Section 4.4.7 of the VS5100 Series manual