Custom Thermocouples

  • Broad line of thermocouple types and diameters.
  • Temperature ranges above 2400°F.
  • Small diameter, fast time response sensors built to your specs.
Stainless Steel & Inconel sheath
(.010″ to .250″ diameter) Industrial & Commercial
Refractory metal sheath
(.062″ to .250″ diameter) Measure temperature to 3990°F (2200°C)
Multi-element thermocouple assemblies
(.040″ to .125″ diameter) Measure thermal gradients/stratifications, Location of thermocouple to +/- .030″. (see Multipoint Assemblies)
Noble Metal Sheathed Thermocouples
Over the years, research and manufacturing temperature requirements increased beyond the limits of stainless steel and Inconel sheathed thermocouples. The industry began to develop sheathed material capable of withstanding temperatures above 2400°F.
Delta m manufactures thermocouples types R, S and B with platinum alloy sheaths, and type C in tantalum sheaths. Diameters range down to .032″ in diameter.

Thermocouple Plugs
(Aerospace Composite Research) – Traditionally, the plugs were instrumented with type “C” bare wire thermocouples. Due to the exposure of the thermocouple junction, noise often introduced an offset or variable reading of the real temperature.
With the development, by Delta M, of sheathed .010″ OD Inconel, sheathed type “K” and platinum alloy sheathed type “S” mineral insulated cable, ungrounded thermocouples could now be used. This greatly reduced the noise issue, allowing greater accuracy of the temperature readings.
Small diameter SS & Inconel
(.010″ to .020″ diameter) Extremely fast (near real time) response up to 2200°F (1200°C)
Composite Sheathed Thermocouple Assemblies
Composite constructions using two different alloys as the sheath are primarily used to reduce material cost. When only a small portion of the assembly is subjected to high temperatures, short lengths of exotic material may be used at the measuring junction, while more conventional material is used for the balance of the sheath length.
Delta M utilizes an all welded construction joining the exotic material to the lower cost Inconel 600.